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 Great Recipes April 27, 2015
You will find basic recipes as well as those that require adult supervision. Some recipes really young children can help make while other recipes the budding chef that is a bit older will find to their liking. I found a few new recipes to try out myself.
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 Pretty good July 7, 2014
I like the creative ideas, but I wish there were more.
I especially liked the water melon ice cream idea.
Please write another one like this. I love to cook and am always looking for new ideas, if you like to cook, and be creative this book is for you
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 The best children's cookbooks ever! July 5, 2014
This series is outstanding. My great-niece loved making the recipes in the first one and these are just as appealing. She made the cucumber sandwiches (on regular and gluten-free bread) for a family get-together today and they were a big hit! She is anxious to try the watermelon ice cream, which I think is one of the most creative party ideas I've come across.

These recipes are healthy, easy to make, use available ingredients and are impressive to serve. I am so happy to have found these books. I hope there will be more. Children NEED to be involved in preparing healthy, home-made foods!
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 Well illustrated children's cookbook June 13, 2014
Cool Kids Cook: Gourmet Everyday by author M.L. Obermaier, which features "This collection of recipes was created by kids for kids," is a well illustrated cookbook featuring vegan and vegetarian recipes. The author used numerous color step-by-step photos to illustrate the recipes.

What I like too about this cookbook was the statement "Parents and guardians please supervise your young child while they cook."

You will find recipes such as:

Peanut Butter Toast
Veggie Tortilla Wraps
Crockpot Potato Soup
Cocoa Cake

The book does not contain an interactive table of contents, but this is a small book so this should not be a problem.



 Nice vegan friendly and kid friendly cookbook June 7, 2014
It says it was written for kids by kids. The recipes are easy enough and simple enough for kids and adults alike. There are plenty of photos throughout to demonstrate each step, which is a nice feature. I recommend this book to newbies and seasoned cooks alike.
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 Great for kids June 6, 2014
Great ideas for healthier options for kids. They may actually enjoy tofu if a kid show them how to fry it. Loved the leftover noodle recipe - Ramen noodles goes gourmet.

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